Core Values

GROW Business Network Core Values

Grow Business Network meets weekly to bring substantial value to one another’s lives and businesses through measurable acts of service, encouragement, friendship & education. It just so happens we give very valuable referrals.

There are 5 ways we add substantial value to one another’s business.

1. Attendance

2. Presentations

3. One on One’s

4. Recognition (guest brought/joined, yrs in the network, attendance, referrals given, testimonials of jobs well done, etc.)

5. Referrals


Attending the weekly meetings brings value to yourself and others around you. Being present encourages those on your team with an attitude that says “I am here for you, what can I do to help your business”.

Attendance is calculated at the end of each month. There will be a 3 month sliding calendar in which a 75% attendance is required during the previous 3 months. Lunches are considered a meeting. Sending a substitute counts as attending.

If you fall below the attendance policy of 75% for the previous 3 months your membership will be placed on a probation status for one month. If by then end of the next month your membership has not come back above the 75% attendance policy you will be required to meet with the Team Leader and Attendance leader at which time you may be asked to leave the team and give up your seat. Showing up 15 minutes after a meeting has started will count as an absence.

Each team will have an attendance leader to keep track of the members of that team.


  1. Each team member will have the opportunity to present their business at least once a year.
  2. A calendar of presenters will be handled by the Calendar Leader.
  3. A presentation should last 10 – 15 minutes with time for questions.
  4. The presenter should provide breakfast snacks/drinks/coffee


Each member will commit to doing at least 1 one on one per month.

I will go over many ways to do a one on one so that it is practical and adds much Value to you and the person you are doing the one on one with.


Each team will have a Recognition leader that will help reward the following:

  • Years of service to the Network
  • Amount of referrals given
  • Number of guest brought


Each team will have a Referral leader that will keep track of the amount of leads you give and have been given.